SAB Goblin Comet

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SAB Goblin Comet

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Refined and exclusive… The COMET delivers a new concept to the market.
The innovative structural layered carbon fuselage supports three functional modules, the main rotor, tail rotor and battery module.
The Comet is designed for maximum aerodynamic, acrobatic and fast flight performance.
A low parts count delivers easy maintenance that defines the Comets elegant simplicity.
An optional motorized landing gear pushes the boundaries even further maximizing the unrivalled aerobatic performance.
With a refined elegance like no other, the COMET delivers unprecedented fast aerobatic flight capabilities.

• Main blades: T line Speed, 720 mm size blades (up to 800mm)
• Tail blades: 105 mm size blades (up to 115mm)
• Typical ESC setup: 200A Esc
• Typical motor setup: 4530, 4540, 5030 series (480 to 560 kv )
• Typical battery setup: 12S-5000mAh, 14S-4300mAh, 14S-5000mAh
• Quick canopy release
• Quick battery release


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