HobbyWing FLYFUN-160A-HV-OPTO-V5

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HobbyWing FLYFUN 160A HV OPTO V5 Brushless ESC Speed Controller for RC Models

* DEO Technology / Active Freewheeling
  The DEO technology (Driving Efficiency Optimization) implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages:
● Rapider and smoother throttle response, better stability and flexibility during flight.
● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
● Lower ESC temperature, more reliable operation.
* Soft Start-ups & Reverse Brake
* Multiple Protections
* New Design & Great performance
* Multiple Programmable Parameters

Brand name: HobbyWing
Item numbder: 30201650
Item name: FLYFUN 160A HV OPTO V5 ESC
Type: Brushless
Cont./Peak Current: 160A/200A
Input: 6-14S LiPo
BEC Output: No
Input Wires: Red-10AWG-150mm*1
Output Wires: Black-10AWG-150mm*3
Input Connectors: No
Output Connecotors: No
Transmitter: Supported
LED Program Card: Not Supported
LED Program Box: Supported
LCD Program Box: Not Supported
WiFi Module: Not Supported
Program Port: Separate Program Wire
Firmware Upgrade: Not Supported
Size: 110x50.3x33.3mm
Weight: 221.5g

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