Spirit RS

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Spirit RS

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Spirit RS

ist ein Spirit RS  mit einem integriertem Jeti Empfänger.


  •   Super-smooth flight control
  •   Paddle simulation with inexpressible feeling
  •   Classic flybar mechanics support
  •   Extreme vibration immunity for all helicopter types
  •   Spectrum analysis for model diagnostics
  •   Flight log with recorded events
  •   Easy configuration with setup wizard
  •   Smartphone or tablet support via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • (  Modules are sold separately)
  •   Full integration and telemetry with JETI DUPLEX
  •   Supported by all JETI DUPLEX radios
  •   Support for all JETI DUPLEX sensors
  •   Support for backup DUPLEX receiver
  •   Support for JETIBOX
  •   Support for ESC Telemetry - HobbyWing, Kontronik,
  •   Castle, YGE, Scorpion
  •   Revolutionary GeoLink support (GPS/GNSS, vario, logger)
  • Available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS,
  • WP, SailfishOS, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and more
  •   Stabilisation for scale pilots and beginners
  •   Reliable, full-featured rescue system
  •   Integrated Bank Switching
  •   Governor for Electric, Nitro and Gasser Helicopters
  •   BEC tester with load verification
  •   Spirit Aero support (from 1.5.0 Aero firmware)
  •   Support for all servo types:
  •   1520/960/760us @ 50 - 560Hz
  •   Support for CCPM 90/120/135/140°


  •   Very rigid, CNC milled, anodized and sandblasted enclosure
  •   Color: Red and Black, matt
  •   Material:  High quality AL6061-T6
  •   Dimension: 36.8x27.15x15.8mm, weight: 22g
  •   Power supply: 3.2 - 10V @ 55mA
  •   Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  •   Latest generation, Ultra Fast
  •   32bit ARM processor: 210 DMIPS
  •   MEMS sensor with 12-Axis Sensor Fusion
  •   (rotation to 2000°/s !)
  •   Gold plated PCB with Pb-Free soldering
  •   Laser Engraved labels for perfect visibility.
  •   2x independent telemetry ports for JETI DUPLEX sensors
  •   3x connector for power supply, 4x for servos
  •   All-pin protection
  •   Redundant internal power chain for maximum safety
  •   Excessive tolerance for brown-outs
  •   Embedded JETI DUPLEX 2.4 Ghz Telemetry Receiver
  •   2x 20cm Full-range antennas
  •   Max. output power: 15 dBm
  •   Receiver sensitivity: -106 dBm

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