Tron 5.5 ORION style

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Tron 5.5 ORION


  • Complete new upper and lower frame design and layout
  • New redesigned larger main blade grips
  • 100% full carbon frames
  • New adjustable tail belt tensioner, which eliminates tail belt slap
  • 3 large bearings for better main shaft support eliminating the need for a 3rd bearing block
  • New larger CNC aluminum battery tray
  • New tail servo mounting position with aluminum adapters for full or mini size servos
  • Redesigned center hub and head dampeners
  • Redesigned all metal swash plate, programmable to increase or decrease flight response
  • Redesigned battery compartment layout allows for easier battery insertion and removal
  • New motor mount design for ease of pinion replacement and/or motor maintenance
  • New motor mount CNC frame stiffeners for increased frame support and rigidity
  • Higher boom mounting position for improved CG allowing for more axial rolling maneuvers
  • Overall larger appearance/size compared to original 5.5 without a significant increase in weight
  • New massive 14mm one way bearing design for maximum durability and reliability
  • New extremely durable and quiet 18mm CNC main gear (137T)
  • Redesigned and painted tail fin (no more stickers)
  • New painted tail boom
  • Design incorporates additional room for electronics allowing for perfect fore/aft CG location
  • Supersonic canopy mounts included in kit
  • Two completely styles available: Orion and Gemini (different canopy style and lower main frame)

Main blade size / 550-560MM ( not included )
Tail blade size / 92-97MM ( not included )
Dry weight / (1400) grams without blades and electronics
3 different tail gear ratios available: 18,19,20 teeth ( stock=19T rear pulley and 80T front pulley = 4.21 tail rotor ratio)
13,14,15,16,17T motor pinion available with 6mm bore. ( stock = 14T included = 9.78 ratio)

Required accessories. (not included in the kit)
ESC / 80A-160A
Motor / 4020-4025 size / (1200KV )
FBL unit
3* cyclic mini and 1* mini or full size tail servo
Typically 6S-4500-5600mah lipo battery
Main blade (550mm)
Tail blade (95mm)



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