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Protos 380 Features: 

  • Gorilla Landing Gear
  • External Belt Tensioner
  • Double Belt Style Transmission
  • Magnetic Canopy Mounting System
  • 3.5mm and 5mm Pinion Options
  • Mini and Micro Tail Servo Mounting Options
  • Large ESC Compartment

Main Rotor Diameter: 864mm (With 380mm Blades) 
Main Blade Length: 360-380mm 
Tail Rotor Diameter: 181mm (With 67mm Blades) 
Tail Blade Length: 67mm 
Main Shaft Diameter: 6mm 
Main Shaft Diameter:
Tail Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Electronic Requirements: 

  • Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23mm
    • General and 3D Flight: MKS  DS92A+, Savox SH-0255MG
    • General and Extreme Flight: BK 3001HV, SAVOX SV-1232MG, MKS HV93, MKS DS95
  • Tail Servo: Micro size 23mm OR Mini size 35mm
    • General and 3D Flight: Savox SH-1257MG, Futaba S9257, BK 3005CB 
    • General and Extreme Flight: BK 5005HV, MKS HV9780, BK 3005 
  • Typical Speed Controller:
    • General and 3D Flight: Kontronik Koby 70, YGE 60 LV, CC Lite 75,Hobbywing 50A, Hobbywing 60A V4 
    • General and Extreme Flight: Kontronik Koby 90 - Jive 80LV , YGE 90 LV, Hobbywing 80A V4
  • Typical Motor
    • General and 3D Flight: 25XX/26XX Series w/ 3.5mm Pinion 1200-1400kV 
    • General and Extreme Flight: 28XX/30XX Series w/5mm Pinion 800-1000kV
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