Xnova 4020-1200KV 2Y Var.B

Artikelnummer: Xnova 4020-1200 B

Xnova 4020-1200KV 2Y

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Xnova 4020-1200KV 2Y

The 4020-1200KV is extremly powerfull and perfect for any 500mm up to 620mm Blade Heli flying on 6S up to 8S.(Gaui X5,Logo 400,Logo 500,Goblin 500,Synergy E-5.)

Variante B

Slots & Poles 24n8p
Winding T 2Y
rpm/V 1200
Volt (V) 10 | 20
Io(A) 2.1 | 3.2
Rm (mohm) 8 | 8
Weight (without connector) (g) 348
Body Length (no shaft) mm 50.75
Diameter (mm) 49.5
Shaft Length (mm) (Details pictures)  | 36 | 22
Shaft Dia. (mm) 6
Mounting Holes CTC Distance (mm) 25
Mounting Screw 3x0.5
Max Eff. Curr. 51.23 | 89.44
Max Eff. 91.80 | 92.84
Kt (Nm/A 0.008
Km (Nm/sqrt(w)) 0.089
Max Continuous Power(Watts) 2400
Peak Continuous Power(Watts) (5 sec) 2900
Max cont. current (A) 105

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