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Platinum PRO 200A V 4.1 ESC HV (6-14S)

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HobbyWing Platinum PRO 200A V 4.1 ESC HV (6-14S), HobbyWing 200A, Hobby Wing 200A V4.1, HK 200A,

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Platinum PRO 200A V 4.1 ESC HV (6-14S)

2 Models: Super BEC version

Platinum 200A v4.1 SBEC ESC (5-8V, 10/30A)


High-performance 32-bit processor combined with advanced algorithm makes the speed-governing excellent for different conditions. With the adjustable sensitivity of speed-governing, every pilot can find the most suitable settings for his helicopter.
The elegant cases are made by Aluminum. Top level components combined with the exquisite industrial design guarantee the Platinum HV 200A SBEC V4.1 ESC the unmatchable quality & look.
The built-in switch-mode BEC with continuously adjustable output voltage range from 5V to 8V (step: 0.1V) supports connecting a 2S backup battery (to the connection) in parallel for improving the safety and reliability, its backflow-proof circuit prevents the voltage (which is higher than the BEC voltage) from the servo or backup battery from flowing back to the BEC. The addition of buffer enhances the output of high peak current to make the servo response more precise and quick.
A 32-bit microprocessor, 72MHz
he built-in spark-proof circuit effectively eliminates the sparks produced when the ESC is powered on and extends the service life of connectors.
Programming through WiFi Express Module or LCD program Box (purchase separately)
Manual download
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