ZEAL Premium Carbon Fiber Propeller 16x5.4

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ZEAL Premium Carbon

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ZEAL Premium Carbon Fiber Propeller 16x5.4

Zeal Multi Rotor Propellers - Passionate Driven Performance

Driven by a desire to provide the very best in multi rotor performance, Zeal has set forth to provide multi rotor propellers with the quality, strength and performance that can be depended upon to unlock the ultimate capability your multi rotor aircraft has to offer.

Constructed of the highest quality carbon fiber layup, Zeal multi rotor propellers were designed for the professional and enthusiast alike, providing the necessary performance, capability and strength to handle multi rotor demands that continue to escalate with increasing payload capacity.

Factory balanced with high strength & precision, Zeal multi rotor propellers are the choice at hand for your next multi rotor flight - a propeller that can be depended upon to capture stunning aerial imagery with balance & true perfection.


* High Strength Carbon Fiber Layup

* Optimized Airfoil for Maximum Lift Capability

* Factory Balanced to Reduce Vibrations

* Applicable to a Range of Multi Rotor Motor Types & Sizes


    Diameter: 16 inches
    Pitch: 5.4 inches
    Rotation: CW and CCW pair
    Weight: approx 29.1g (each)
    Shaft Hole diameter: 4mm
    Drive Hole diameter: 3mm
    Spacing: 6mm (center of shaft hole to center of drive hole)


    1pc X CF 16x5.4 Propeller (CW)
    1pc X CF 16x5.4 Propeller (CCW)
    2pcs X Brass Spacer
    2pcs X Aluminum Bolt Pattern Washer
    4pcs X Socket Head Cap M3x10
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