Synergy E5

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Synergy E5

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Synergy E5 Flybarless Helicopter with Torque Tube

The E5 is one of only a few “true” 550 class helicopters which can swing 550mm blades right out of the box. The large disk size provides the stability and “pop” most pilots are looking for in a high performance helicopter. The E5 was also designed with a path for growth in mind. The E5 can be configured as a 6S 550 class helicopter which is perfect for the budget minded pilot that still wants a high performance helicopter but does not want to spend a lot on batteries. Since the E5 battery compartment can handle virtually any battery configuration and the motor mount can accept a variety of motor choices, the E5 can easily be converted into a 12S 550 class helicopter or stretched with existing parts into a 12S 600 class helicopter. The E5 is a true modelers helicopter which gives you the options needed to build and fly how you choose.

E5 Features & Specifications
"True" 550 class electric heli
Washout arm mounting integrated into the head block
25/30mm motor bolt width for multiple motor options
Easily streched to 600 class helicopter with E6 parts
52mm inner frame width for multiple motor options
Monster mod 1.25 bevel gears and counter gear
Machined delrin helical main gear
6s-12s battery compartment capability
Lower motor shaft bearing block
Third main shaft bearing block
Direct servo to swash CCPM
Shaft driven tail system
10mm main shaft / 8mm head axle
Break away canopy mounts
2mm carbon frames
Pinions included
Carbon fiber servo arms Main Gear Ratio - 7.93:1 - 9.91:1
Tail Gear Ratio - 4:1

Synergy E5
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