Hobbywing Platinum-160A-HV-V4

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Platinum HV 160A V4


Type :   Brushed/Brushless        BL
High Voltage/Regular                  HV

Cont./Peak Current                     160A/200A

Input                                                6-14S LiPo

BEC Output                                  Switch Mode:5-8V,10A

Wires & Connectors

Input Wires                                Red-10AWG-150mm*1/Black-10AWG-150mm*1

Output Wires                              Black-10AWG-150mm*3

Input Connectors                        No

Output Connecotors                    No

(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

ESC Programing via Transmitter  Not Supported

LED Program Card                      Not Supported

LED Program Box                        Not Supported

LCD Program Box                        Supported

WiFi Module                                 Supported

Program Port                               Separate Program Port

Firmware                                     Firmware Upgrade Supported

Size & Weight

Size                                            106.0x50.0x34.0mm

Weight                                        282g

Applications                               700-800 Class Heli 3D, Giant Scale Fixed-wing

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